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Paola ErdasWith the tactile sensation of pressing the keys, perceiving the quill plucking the string, one can shape the sound through this perfect musical machine, and when the fingers depress the keys it is like kneading dough, the same emotion of creating something ancient and essential.

The harpsichord is a living thing; it moves, it feels time and emotions. Thanks to the kindness of excellent collectors, I have often used original instruments for my recordings. It is not automatic that all ancient instruments are beautiful, but when they are, the centuries enhance their qualities. I have had the chance of playing some extraordinary examples.

Early music is also history, research, long hours spent in the library with the scent of books, immersing oneself in another age, imagining, reconstructing. To reproduce a musical event is to bring to life the marks printed on paper. Art is like a continuous experiment, like eternity.

'like streaming water jumping down from the full basin at the spring, gliding and meandering through musk and fern, down to the roots of the cork-oaks and the almond trees'

Passavamo sulla terra leggeri (We passed lightly over the earth) - Sergio Atzeni